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Volterra Gusto - Smooth as Oil

April 26, 2014 and April 27, 2014

"The fourth edition Smooth as Oil"

On April 26 and 27 takes place in the magnificent setting of the Piazza dei Priori Volterra, the "fourth edition - smooth as oil."

Galeotte Dinners are back!

"Le Cene Galeotte" are coming back on April 18, May 23 and June 20 at 8,00 pm.

The galeotte Dinners are made each year by the intervention of Unicoop , which each year provides the raw materials and takes prisoners paying them regularly.

A project carried out in collaboration with the Ministry of Justice, the leadership of the House of imprisonment of Volterra, the artistic director of the journalist and wine critic Leonardo Romanelli , who shall identify the chefs involved in the event , and support the communicative Studio Umami .

A fundamental role is played by Fisar delegation of Volterra , which in addition to the wine service selected eight companies that offer products in conjunction with the menu .

An event from the soul also beneficial because the proceeds this year will be fully donated to the foundation "The Heart melts ", which by 2000 saw Unicoop committed , together with the world of volunteering and Catholic layman in the implementation of humanitarian projects. So , gastronomic evenings for the solidarity campaign "The Heart Dissolves ."

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